Autumn in Provence: November Olive Harvest

  Autumn is a fabulous time to visit Provence, bright sunny skies and cooler weather, no crowds, just quite country roads leading to gorgeous vistas and beautiful fall colors. You can experience the olive harvest first hand or just observe and taste the fruits of lots of hard labor – in a place where it… Continue Reading

Sheep-herding: an ancient Provençal tradition… with delicious results

Sheep-herding: an ancient Provençal tradition… Sheep-herding on ‘bergeries’ – or sheep farms- has long been a part of the Provençal way of life. Today there are still many small farmers who make their living herding goats or sheep, making artisanal cheeses and producing delicious farm-raised meat. Today, however, fewer and fewer farmers can survive on sheep and goat herding… Continue Reading

Lavender Fields Forever

Provence’s famous lavender fields are a stunning sight not to be missed on a visit to the region. The rows of brilliant purple set against an azure sky take the breath away, and together with the gentle aroma wafting across the fields, it’s a little paradise. When to visit? Unfortunately, the lavender fields don’t last… Continue Reading

Eygalières, a Bar/Cafe with a Twist

(Article from the Provence Post – My friend Jane Satow, who runs a concierge and guide business, is an American married to an Englishman. They live in Eygalières and have three great kids. For months now, Jane has been telling me about this village place she loves, a bar/café/hangout with a really fun story… Continue Reading

‘Healthy Gourmet’ Yoga Retreats in Provence

Provence Yoga Retreats – Enjoy all the best things in life on this healthy gourmet vacation. Coincidentally both Sabrina and I spent a number of years living in Colorado, doing yoga, mountain sports and enjoying the healthy lifestyle the State is known for. We met many years later in Saint Remy de Provence, France, at… Continue Reading

Terroir: Getting closer from farm to Table in France

 The wish to eat fresh food with more flavors, to know where the food comes from and the way it has been produced, to eat seasonal products or even to help farmers getting better price for their products. Many factors are spurring consumers to find new ways of purchasing food. Likewise, many producers want to… Continue Reading

Café de la Place, The Locals Bar in Eygalieres

A few years ago, a group of ten friends, all of them living in or around Eygalières, decided to open a village bar. The idea was to create a comfortable locals’ hangout offering a friendly atmosphere, themed events, art, live music, good regional wine and tapas. Against all odds, it worked—but not without an immense… Continue Reading

La Cave aux Fromages ‘Cheese Cave,’ Saint Remy de Provence

One of my first jobs out of University was working for the cheese department in Alfalfa’s market in Boulder, Colorado.  Alfalfa’s was the original gourmet organic market, which Whole Foods modelled its stores after, and now also own. I absolutely loved this store, all the imported gourmet foods, especially the cheese! When the manager of the… Continue Reading

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