Culinary Adventures in Provence

“Market Tour & tasting at a Michelin Rated restaurant”

What a great way to have fun and learn more about the yummy foods available at the weekly markets and Provencal cooking.  Jane even took us behind the scenes at a local Michelen rated restaurant. We had a blast! I would highly recommend her Market tour!
– Anne W, Houston, TX


  • Market Tours   –  Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Fridays from 9:30 – 12

Cost per person: 45€ pp (includes tastings and tour)

  • Cooking Classes – Any day of the week – after market tour from 11am

Cost Per Person: from 80€ – 150€pp See cooking class options below.

  • Visit Specialty Food shops and meet the producers –

  • Visit a goat cheest farm and specialty cheese shop
  • Chocolatier, fine french confections shop
  • Visit a farm, olive oil mill, winery any time or day of the week


Contact Jane to schedule your tour and receive a free quote.


What exactly is a ‘Culinary Adventure’ you ask?

“It’s a whole lot of fun with food in Provence!” Your vivacious host, Jane Satow will guide you on a culinary excursion full of the stuff every foodie will devour. An introduction to the terroir, the elements and people which make the food so special in Provence.

We are fortunate to have in our backyards an endless bounty of wonderful fresh produce, artisanal foods, beautiful fruits of all kinds, almonds and olives, our own locally produced olive oil, goat cheese from animals who graze upon open pastures and fresh grasses – all perfumed by the herbs de Provence – which grow naturally throughout the countryside. It’s a food lovers paradise!

France is all about food, and the French are obsessed with quality. They stridently support small artisanal shops and producers, and they know that without that support these wonderful food traditions would cease to exist.  Thus there are wonderful specialty shops which still produce things the old fashioned way.  There are truffles to hunt in our hillsides, Olives to pick, herbs de Provence, morrel mushrooms and wild asparagus to forage, not to even mention the wine – which we taste and drink copiously!

Jane will create an extravagant foodie excursion for you in which you will fully appreciate the beautiful Provencal markets, specialty shops, farms, and introduce you to local food producers, chefs and fisherman.  She is very passionate about Provencal cuisine and will have you swooning with delight at tasting them all.. She will share local food lore, recipes and cooking tips. Her foodie excursions are a foray into the dynamic world of local Provencal specialty foods.  Taste and learn how things are produced and meet the people who are working hard to keep these traditions alive.

Contact Jane to schedule your tour and receive a free quote.

What you can do on your Culinary Adventure:

  • Visit a goat cheese farm, meet the farmer and his family and taste gorgeous cheeses.
  • Foodie Market tours where we meet the venders and learn about the products and how they are made, including tastings of olives and spreads of all kinds: tepanades and artichoke dips, eggplant caviar and my favorite – garlic dip – a bit of heaven!
  • Visit the Olive oil mill, meet the owner and see the production, learn how the olives are cured and the oil is pressed.
  • Visit a truffle farm and hunt your own truffles.
  • Visit specialty food shops, chocolatiers and a traditional sweets and biscuit shop with recipes dating back for centuries.
  • Visit a beautiful cheese shop and meet a ‘Maitre Frommager,’ or affineur de frommage and learn the importance of tempering and storing cheese, taste and learn about different cheeses from all over France.
  • All market tours can include wine tasting or we can do a tour which focuses mostly on wine, visiting top area winerys and meeting the owners and wine makers.

Contact Jane to schedule your tour and receive a free quote.


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Cooking classes:

  • Chez Charlotte – This class features authentic home cooked Provencal food and is hosted by Jane and her delightful friend Andrea in a traditional Provencal farmhouse – Chez Charlotte.  In this class we learn how to make traditional Provencal food.  Andrea has been feeding her large family at gatherings for years, roasting wild boar or leg of lamb in her outdoor wood burning oven, wonderful with pommes dauphinuas and ratatouille.. Have fun learning how to make traditional Provencal dishes in a charming country farmhouse and enjoy a fabulous meal together afterwards.
  • Cooking class with a French Chef de Cuisine – be wowed by wonderful chef techniques while we create and outstanding gastronomic meal fit to be served in a fine restaurant, all based on fresh local ingredients and traditional Provencal recipes which have been modernised by skilled chefs.
  • Pastry class in a boulangerie.
  • Observe a French chef de cuisine at work in a Michelin rated restaurant.
  • Cooking Classes at La Mirande in Avignon, a wonderful experience in an 18th c mansion with top local chefs.
  • Cooking classes after the market tour – After the market retreat to a modern fully equiped kitchen in a lovely private home where we can create a fabulous meal using local Provencal recipes with local seasonal ingredients.
  • Picnic after a market tour – Put together a fabulous picnic from the local market.  Learn about the ingredients and fill our baskets with wonderful fresh breads, local produce and fine artisinal cheeses and other products, then settle into a lovely countryside setting for a hearty picnic with wine and picnic supplies provided by Jane.

“Endless Bounty in Provence”

Jane’s market shopping tour followed by a cooking class is nothing short of delicious and generous!

Carolyn K, Alberta (Ginger and Nutmeg Blog)


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