‘Healthy Gourmet’ Yoga Retreats in Provence

Provence Yoga Retreats – Enjoy all the best things in life on this healthy gourmet vacation.

Coincidentally both Sabrina and I spent a number of years living in Colorado, doing yoga, mountain sports and enjoying the healthy lifestyle the State is known for. We met many years later in Saint Remy de Provence, France, at one of Sabrina’s Yoga classes. ‘We hit it off right away and now, a few years on, are hosting Luxury Yoga Retreats together here in Provence. We make a great team, combining a superb yoga instructor with a seasoned local guide.
The retreat will be held in, Mas Malvern – a private luxury residence in Eygalières, a small village of just 1500 residents about 10k from Saint Remy de Provence. Eygalières is an ideal vacation destination, a very charming small French village nestled in the Alpilles National Park. The house is just a short walk from the village center, which has a handful of good restaurants and cafes, a small grocery, butcher and bakery. There are numerous hiking and biking trails, all easily accessible by foot from the house. We could not have dreamed for a more ideal location to host these retreats. Yoga classes will be held poolside at Mas Malvern and in Sabrina’s Yoga studio in the village. There is space for just 8 participants, singles or couples. Each guest will have a private or shared room in the villa with en-suite bathrooms.


This retreat is perfect for anyone who would like to visit Provence and site see, but who also wants to enjoy doing daily yoga, hiking and relaxing. If you are looking for a hassle free all inclusive vacation which combines yoga with cultural tours to historic sites and wonderful Mediterranean gourmet food and wine this is for you.
I had done a bit of yoga over the years, taken a class here and there, but never until attending Sabrina’s vinyasa flow classes had I really appreciated how beneficial it is to do yoga on a regular basis. I’m thoroughly addicted now!
Sabrina is an amazing instructor. She has a way of explaining each posture so that you do them correctly. She has a playful, warm and genuine manner, and a real real gift for teaching. She’s empathetic to personal limitations while pushing us to do our best. She’s very encouraging to her students, no matter what their yoga level.
When I researched yoga retreats in Provence, as I was interested in doing them myself, I found a real shortage, and quickly got into the idea of developing one here in Provence. Sabrina and I put our ideas together and we have created a very unique and exclusive experience which unlike a lot of other yoga retreats offers a big dose of local culture, guided tours to historic landmarks, and healthy gourmet food. A local chef will cater 2 dinners at Mas Malvern for the guests, there will also be a cooking class with dinner one night, as well as a gourmet picnic at a local market, where you will be treated to one of Jane’s popular foodie market tours, and lunch at the famous Bistro du Paradou on another day.
Sabrina and I share a healthy living philosophy in our own lives, but also live in a country where an important part of everyday life is enjoying gourmet food, la joie de vivre, is an essential part of French culture, and eating well is a simple pleasure of everyday French life. With all this good eating and wine everyone always asks, ‘so why aren’t French people fat.’ Mireille Guiliano, in her bestselling book ‘French Women don’t Get Fat,’ does a good job of explaining this phenomenon, better to read the book to really get it, but I will try to explain in a few lines; It’s really all about enjoying a diet of good, natural, wholesome, locally produced foods, eating everything in moderation, taking time to appreciate food slowly and in small portions. The French take enormous pleasure in the arrival of seasonal produce. Celebrating food is a part of everyday life in France. We get very excited by the first batch of spring asparagus, summer strawberries, winter truffles and the olive harvest. Eating whole natural foods, and the simple earthy Provencal recipes like Ratatouille with a healthy dose of wine, all in moderation, are what make this area renowned for the longevity of its residents.
This will be a wonderful vacation. Our guest will be completely pampered by two gracious hosts, Jane and Sabrina. We have come up with a luxury vacation which combines the best things in life. The entire week will be planned for you, just show up and breath! You will be in the nurturing hands of 2 professional ladies who are dedicated to what else, la joie de vivre!


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