Itinerary Planning


Want to know the best places to stay and what to do in Provence!

Where to stay is key, it can make or break your trip.  I give un-biased advice about the best places to stay in Provence.  Having lived in Provence for nearly 10 years, working as a guide, I have pretty much done it all.  Thus I often have requests from clients who would like not just a guided excursion but their weeks activities planned out, reservations in the best restaurants, hotels or to rent a holiday house.  Choosing just where to be based in Provence can be daunting, which village, town or city.. I provide honest, non-biased descriptions and can help you plan out your vacation to include interesting sights and activities, excursions with or without a guide, bike rental, hiking routes.. whatever you want to do.  I can arrange all of this before you arrive and meet with you once you do, maps in hand to go over the weeks itinerary.  Here are some services I provide, for a fee – based on how much time I spend:

Help Plan your trip to Provence before you arrive.

Advice on where to stay, help booking accomodation of all kinds including hotels, vacation rental properties and B&B’s.

Advice on all your transportation needs throughout your stay in Provence: Travel by train, private chauffer or guided tours.

Restaurant recommondations and reservations in the best small bistros, cafes and gastronomic restaurants in the area.

Information on what to do, booking activities of all kinds in Provence, museums, canoe trips, hot air ballooning and more.




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