The Camargue

DSCN0246The Camargue area lies 25k south of Arles, a vast wetland and national park where many species of birds inhabit.  This area is especially interesting to bird enthusiasts, as with the combination of the Alps within close proximity, smaller mountain ranges, the Mediterranean sea, and a mild climate, it is not only home to many bird species year round but also many migratory birds spend their spring and summer there, coming from as far away as South Africa – most notably the European Roller – a gorgeous indigo blue and orange bird which is often spotted here during the Spring and Summer months.  There is an impressive ornithological park in the Camargue, where many species of wetland birds nest and can be seen in their natural habitat, as well as Flamingos, which are native to the Camargue area.

The Camargue is also home to many horse and cattle ranches, and thus you have a beautiful landscape dotted with white Camargue horses and black bulls. An hour or more horse back ride can be arranged at many of the local ranches.

A visit to the quaint village of Saintes Maries de la Mer and the church where lie the relics of Saint Sarah, patron saint of the gypsies is well worth the trip.  The Mediterranean sea and a lovely beach boarder this town, an idyllic place for a stroll or one can hop on a boat or land cruiser and tour the wetland marshes and estuaries.

Full day tour option only – 375€ for up to 4 passengers + 2 children.